Instant Journey Welcomes you to a soulful experience of vacationing in India, the cradle of ancient civilization with rich cultural heritage. Experience the sights and sounds of its amazing diversity that is rooted in its geography, people and their cultures. Explore the gifts of nature and the timeless marks of man-kind that dot the different landscapes of this country. Cool hill stations,adventure spots and beaches provide one of the best vacations that you would have anywhere in the world.

Notice the changes in elements of culture of its regions such as the folklore, music, dance forms, dress and decoration forms, languages, dialects as well as foods and drinks as you move around the length and breadth of the country. Instant Journey takes you to this amazing learning, rejuvenating and joyous journey through its varied tour packages.

India is a land of fascinating culture and diverse landscapes and people across the world come to soak in its majestic charm. Its long history, which dates back to thousands of years, is another thing that draws many people to visit the country. Tourists looking to explore India are showered with various options, as there are infinite tourist destinations in India that they can visit. If you are an adventure junky, you can go for trekking or mountaineering in the north, and if you fancy beaches, then the southern and western part of this country awaits you. Also, you can find tremendous options to spend your honeymoon in India. Among all other destinations Goa is always all-time favorite for tourists across the globe. There are number of hotel options in Goa from fancy to affordable.


Embark on a tour with Instant Journey and enjoy an enthralling, exciting journey that will stay in your memory for your entire lifespan.